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Living Nature Chicken & Bunnies Bundle

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The Living Nature Chicken & Bunnies Bundle Includes;

  • 3 Hens
  • 3 Cockerel Large
  • 24 Fluffy Chicks
  • 6 French Lop Eared Rabbits
  • 12 Pet Rabbit Assorted
  • 4 Wooden Crates

Save 5% on Living Nature orders over £500 + VAT (600 € Inc VAT), simply enter the discount code EAS518 at the checkout or over the phone. 


The wooden crates shown in these images are representative of but are not the exact stock that will be supplied. All other props shown in these images are not included in the bundles. All offers are valid until 28 March 2018 inclusive. The 5% discount only applies to items in stock, dispatched and invoiced before the 28 March 2018 inclusive; the discount will not be carried over beyond this date. 5% discount will only be applied to baskets with a value of over £500 + VAT (600 €).